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 Painters John C. Terelak
Notoriety as a high school athlete and a three-sport letterman. His football talent earned him collegiate scholarships that he turned down in favor of the arts. John's decision to enter Vesper George School of Fine Art in 1960 came as a surprise to many.

John painted vigorously while at Vesper George, experimenting with several different mediums including pastel, watercolor and oil. As a standout student, he was awarded a position as a professor upon graduating and found great pleasure in teaching.

In 1975, John founded the Gloucester Academy of Fine Arts where his students consisted of college and art school graduates. John helped his students' polish their individual styles and advance in professional careers in fine arts. Many of them grew to be leading American artists themselves.

During the end of his tenure as owner/proprietor of The Gloucester Academy of Fine Arts, John constructed a private studio in Rockport, MA close to his home which became his domain-- a place close to his growing family that would accommodate his tireless work schedule.

John has traveled for new subject matter to such places as New York harbor, the California coast, the Grand Canyon, Nantucket and France. The results of these travels have been well documented and remain some of his most profound pieces to date. An invitation to paint in Monet's gardens will forever remain a highlight in John's career.

John is deeply influenced by the writings of classic as well as contemporary authors such as Mortimer, Adler, Thomas Merton, Earl Nightingale and William Shakespeare. His works have become a sentinel in American Impressionism. Original oil paintings are included in public and private collections throughout the world and exhibited in galleries in California, Chicago, New York City, Florida, Ohio and Massachusetts.

John is extremely excited about his most recent project. "I am very pleased with my most recent series of Limited Edition Giclee prints. They utilize great technology to reproduce the original works as accurately as known possible. We also use gold leafed frames and authentic French matting to enhance the integrity of each piece. Original works sell in prestigious galleries for upwards of about $5,000 while these Limited Edition prints go for significantly less. It gives me great pleasure to offer them as an alternative to my originals. It's something that families can afford, and still realize a good appreciation value."
- John C. Terelak

John currently resides in Rockport, MA with his wife Pat and his children Ronald, John, Jamie and Stephanie. His favorite pastimes include sport fishing, swimming and shooting billiards. He continues to spend countless hours in his studio.
Title: Fanuel Hall
Title: Maple Sugaring
Title: Spring Blossums
Title: Valley Light
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